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How to be one of the top creative brains

Some days ago I watched a video that described the secret of the most creative people in the world.

Analyzing and researching their behavior, it was discovered they all kept a  notebook where ideas, no matter if they were complete or useful when they came to them, were wrote down. Later on, when a project has to be developed or any other idea needed to be created, they start searching among their notes and came finally with something new. The best ideas ever, the most important things ever done.

This is how it works: the brain cannot accumulate. The nature of the human brain restricts massive accumulation. Its storage capacity is limited and only recycles. So, recycling requires guidance. You write down, leave the incomplete idea aside and go back to it when the missing piece is there, waiting for you to discover the pure simplicity of it.

Start having your notebook at your side!


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